About Us


President and company Founder, LaCharo Owens, has had a love for hair and beauty since she was a small girl. By age 12, LaCharo knew that she wanted to have more creative liberty with styling her own hair and by age 13, she had experimented with relaxers and dyes. Although she has always loved all things beauty, LaCharo realized at a young age that she suffered from acne and she could not use many of the beauty lines that were offered. Over the years, after dealing with sensitive skin and thinning hair, LaCharo realized that she needed more than what was currently being offered on the shelf, and she decided to become the solution.

Clara Bea Essentials® was developed out of our love for natural and holistic ingredients combined with LaCharo's love for beauty and wellness products. We provide all natural specialty products for your hair and skin.

With a company named after her late beloved grandmother, Clara Beatrice, LaCharo hopes to combine her love of beauty, hair, and skin products. Our mission is to develop personal care products that will allow your hair and skin to flourish without the use of harsh chemicals. The word essential is defined as something basic and necessary needed to sustain life. We know our products will quickly become an essential part of your everyday life.