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Bea’s Beard Wash & Conditioner Set

Bea’s Beard Wash & Conditioner Set

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 Bea's Beard Wash™

Our Beard Wash is gentle enough for your face and bold enough to thoroughly cleansed any coarse and curly beard hairs. Traditional shampoos can contain harsh ingredients and can cause irritation to your face and beard.  Bea’s Beard Wash contains organic ingredients that has been specifically to aid in elimination dandruff, itch, and hair breakage.


Bea’s Beard Conditioner ™

A great tool to soften an unruly beard is to use a good quality beard conditioner.  Beard hairs can be more course than the hair on your head therefore, a quality beard conditioner is can soften and detangle the hairs.  Our Bea’s Beard Conditioner, like our other products, are made without the use harsh chemicals.

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